We Accelerate The Growth Of 8-Figure DTC Brands.
We Plug The Worlds Best CRO Experts & Protocols Into Your Brand To Increase Your Revenue, Scalability & Profitability.
Without You Spending A Single Cent More On Traffic... Guaranteed.
Excellent (204+ Reviews)
Carl has been an absolute G to work with. Honestly it was epic. Thank you.
Alex Hormozi Team
Working with him and the team has been a breeze. He's overdelivered and help us move the needle.
Davie Fogarty
The Oodie
Powerful Data Intelligence
Accelerated makes important decisions better and faster.
In the current market situation, you win by using your data better than your competition.
Over the past four years, we have generated cutting edge insights from over 1 billion in revenue and customer data points.
This is the exact reason why we understand what works right now in the industry for the biggest players in terms of paid acquisition and funnels.
Powerful Data Intelligence
Accelerated makes decisions better and faster.
In the current market situation, you win by using your data better than your competition.
Over the past four years, we have generated cutting edge insights from over 1 billion in revenue and customer data points.
This is the exact reason why we understand what works right now in the industry for the biggest players in terms of paid acquisition and funnels.
We own a portfolio of brands and are doing $30m a year. I want to recommend Carl as a CRO Specialist and overall amazing person to work with
Alex Fedotoff
Chairman of the Board at D2C Brands
2021 we did $300m in Sales from our portfolio brands, in 2022 we will do over $400million. And one part of that was working with ACCELERATED.
Sebastian Szalinski
Founder at IRON Media GmbH
Quantum leap advantage
We Combine Big Data Intelligence With Rapid Conversion Optimization.
You can, in effect, see into the future and anticipate market trends before they happen.
This means you're always one step ahead of your competition, as you can use the insights of the biggest brands in the world to your advantage.
The most renominated Brands of the industry are partnered with us right now to experience this competitive advantage.
"We have been working together for months now and put together some really awesome Tests that have proved to be very fruitful. Carl's the man."
Greg O'Gallagher
"They are incredibly talented and smart. Working with them has been an amazing experience and can't recommend them enough as a solid partner."
Alex Brown
Dollar Beard Club
rapid growth
Accelerated unlocks rapid growth for industry leading DTC Brands like like Acquisition.com, The Oodie & Kinobody.
We solve big data intelligence with our custom data solution.
We create the best Offers and Landing Pages.
We run a high velocity & hyper efficient Split Testing Program.
That means when you work with us, you are buying into an unfair competitive advantage that directly leads to more revenue, profit and scalability for your business.
They are incredibly professional, have a great team, are really responsive and go above and beyond. Really everything that you could want in a great CRO Agency. Highly recommend them.
Paul Niklas
Co-Founder at WNW GROUP LLC
We spend US$ 100m/year for paid acquisition. I have several projects with ACCELERATED and can really recommend them for CRO & AB Testing. Their work makes our work better.
Marc Weindinger
Founder & CEO at Schema M GmbH
In Summary, here's what you achieve with Accelerated:
1. Competitive Advantage
You get cutting-edge insights from $1 billion revenue of customer data, which allows quantum leaps instead of incremental improvements.
2. Better Decision-Making
You anticipate key trends and shifts, before the happen, which allows you to gain market share and dominate competition.

3. Increase in Ad ROI
You directly increase ad ROI, scalability & bottom line.
Accelerated has a proven track record of 204+ Brands.
The sole reason we exist is to help our clients generate positive free cash flow, which is the source of business value and wealth creation.
204+ Successful Customers
Colibri Skincare
Drippy Amsterdam
Harper Concierge
Maniko Nails
My Derma Dream
Oliver Cabell
PHC Beauty
Carl Weische, Founder & CEO
Mostly known for being the mastermind behind the online stores of industry leading brands like The Oodie, Vessi, and KinoBody.
Over the past 4 years, he has built Accelerated into the thought leader of conversion optimization & landing pages.
International voice of CRO excellence
Carl's insights are sought after worldwide, with invitations to speak at international conferences and events, like Ad World, KINZA 360, or the OMR Festival. His thought leadership in CRO has helped shape strategies and drive success for brands across the globe.
Academic blend of business & psychology
Carl brings a rare combination of business savvy and psychological expertise to the table. This dual background equips him with a unique perspective on consumer behavior, allowing him to devise strategies that not only meet business objectives but also resonate with the target audience on a deeper level.
Strategies 100% Made in Germany
When it comes to strategy, we take a page from Germany's renowned engineering playbook—Carl's home base. His strategies are meticulously crafted with the same precision and attention to detail that you'd expect from the world's finest German engineering, ensuring that your brand is set up for nothing but success.
Worlds Best CRO Experts
With 50 of the brightest data analysts, growth marketers, and conversion specialists in our ranks, we're the secret weapon behind the meteoric rise of the fastest-growing 8-figure DTC brands.
Bespoke project team of experienced pros
We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. That's why for each project, we hand-pick a dream team of specialists whose skills and expertise align perfectly with your unique needs and goals. It's like having your own custom-fit glove in the game.
Successful D2C brand owners fueling your brand with their experience
Our team isn't just made up of marketing whizzes; we've got successful e-commerce brand owners in the mix too. That means we bring firsthand experience and insider insights to the table, giving you a leg up on the competition.
Regular in-person masterminds with 9-figure entrepreneurs
We're not just about delivering results, we're about building a community. Every couple of months, we host in-person masterminds, bringing together the brightest minds in the DTC space along with industry experts. As our client, you're not just getting our services; you're gaining access to a network of 8- and 9-figure brand owners and top-notch agencies, all ready to share their insights and experiences to help you thrive.
We have shared our CRO expertise on world's most prestigious stages in the industry.
⚡️ Updated on 10th November 2023
Accelerated Case Studies
In our case studies you will find inspiring success stories from Brands like The Oodie, Kinobody, Acquisition.com or Vessi. They show how Accelerated helps to optimize website performance and increase bottom-line.
If you want to understand the exact process, check out the Process & Thesis page.
The Oodie, Davie Fogarty
Outdated Page-Design, no Landing Pages for Performance Marketing
Full conversion focussed rebuilt of PDP & Landing Pages and tons of successful AB Tests
Kinobody, Gregory O'Gallagher
Flawed Data Tracking and Analysis Set Up, No Cold-Friendly-Offer
Customised Data and Attribution Set Up, Custom Offer & Funnel for Paid Acquisition
Cocunat Beauty, Ignasi Faus
No data-driven process for Website Iterations, declining CVR & AOV
Custom CRO Program and AB Testing Process
About Accelerated Agency
With a team of 41 people, they are working together with the biggest and fasting-growing DTC brands worldwide.
Years in the Industry
Revenue Generated
Team Member
Happy Customers
Frequently Asked Questions
What services are you offering?
Accelerated Agency specializes in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for direct-to-consumer brands. They offer services such as building new landing pages, finding the best offers and upsell funnels, and running conversion optimization split testing programs.
Who qualifies for a collaboration with you?
The ideal clients are 8-figure DTC brands facing rising costs of CPA & CPC, CEOs, CMOs, or founders looking to scale aggressively, and marketers or agencies wanting to help their clients achieve better ROI.
What results can clients expect from working with you?
On average, clients can expect a 36% increase in bottom-line revenue over the next 12 months, regardless of their advertising efforts.
How does Accelerated Agency's process work?
Within the first 48 hours of becoming a customer, clients will have a 1-on-1 session with their designated key account manager to identify bottlenecks and lay down the strategy for the next quarter.
What makes you guys unique?
Accelerated Agency has developed its own software to master data analysis at scale, ensuring they deliver results that no competitor can match.
How does Accelerated Agency ensure data clarity and decision-making?
They build custom dashboards for each client, providing true transparency of numbers and complete clarity on what’s working and what’s not.
What kind of support will I be getting?
Clients have access to 24/5 Slack support, a private Slack channel with specialists for their unique case, and the opportunity to participate in group topics with other DTC founders.
What additional benefits do clients receive?
Clients gain access to a network of 8- and 9-figure brand owners, top-notch agencies, VC’s, and more. They also have the opportunity to attend in-person masterminds with other successful brands and experts.
Accelerated Agency
Hamburg, Germany
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