How Our Multi-Funnel Testing, AI-Based CRO Process Has Increased Our DTC Clients’ Revenue, Scalability, and Profitability Without Spending A Single Cent More On Traffic

We Primarily Help 8-Figure D2C-Brands Do This Using Our Unique 3 Phase Process, That’s Been Tested On Over 64+ Brands…

Brands That Trust Us:

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D2C-Brands are scaling past multiple 7-figures a month because they're leveraging Conversion and AOV boosting methods.


Davie Fogarty, 9-Figure Brand

"Loving your work on ODP."

Paul Niklas, 8-figure Brand Owner

"We worked with them for a few of our brands. We are generating between $15-20 Million across those. They are the best CRO Agency I’ve ever worked with.

They are incredibly professional. Highly recommend them."

Sebastian Szalinski, 8-figure Brand Owner

“2021 we did $300m in Sales from our portfolio brands, in 2022 we will do over $400million. And one part of that was working with ACCELERATED.

In our view they're the leading CRO & AB Testing Agency that you can work with. And we are more than happy to refer any company, that we work with to them."

Akaash, 8-figure Brand Owner

"They are CRO Experts and have completely changed the trajectory of my business.

Back in May I did 100k/mo in sales, now I'm doing well over 2m/mo. I attribute a lot of this success and growth to ACCELERATED and optimizing our Funnels."

Marc Weindinger, 9-Figure Ad Spend

"We spend 100m/year on META and TikTok for paid acquisition. I have several projects with ACCELERATED and can really recommend them for CRO & AB Testing.

Their work makes our work better."

Brandon Nguyen, 8-figure Brand Owner

"The Quality and thought you put into understanding our customer avatar and then being able to develop ideas to optimizing conversion rate is amazing.

I've never seen that with any other agency.

Alex Fedotoff, 8-figure Brand Owner

“We own a portfolio of brands and are doing $30m a year. I want to recommend Carl as a CRO Specialist and overall amazing person to work with. Very professional, diligent and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him.”

Ian Nagy, $150m budget spent on YouTube

Carl is one of the brightest minds in CRO and marketing. He came to our VidTao live event in the oxford university and completely crushed his presentation. If you have any opportunity to work with Carl, he has my highest recommendation.”

Who is this for?

8-Figure D2C Brands Who Are Facing A Single, Complicated Issue…

The Rising Cost Of CPA’s & CPC, An Incoming Economic Downturn, And Traffic Not Converting Like It Used To…

Most brands are told they need to find a way to lower the cost of their traffic by hiring different FB advertising agencies.

But this is a shortsighted as the truth is you want to maximize every single click to boost CVR and AOV across your entire funnel so your performance marketing efforts get a better ROI.

When this is done right - the rising costs of CPC doesn’t affect you the same way.

It doesn’t really matter what the economic situation is when you’re building brand loyalty with your audience.

It’s one of the reasons why companies like Apple and Microsoft (specifically their gaming division) has seen an increase in profitability despite an economic downturn.

I’ll explain how you can maximize this all in just a moment.

But one thing you have to be aware of is that the majority of brands (and agencies) run on gut-feel.

Meaning, they’re testing out new ideas based on how they feel the market will best respond. It’s very old school.

Which works to some degree, but this approach is also very costly.

The reason is simple. If you were to run an ad that knocked it out of the ball park, you’d recoup the losses you made during the testing phase.

But what if you didn’t have to run on so many losses to find your winner?

What if you could use a data-driven, AI-Based approach to your conversion rate optimization?

When you compare gut-feel to data-driven approaches, over time, the data-driven approach gives you a higher ROI, more consistency in your CVR and AOV.

Now, I’m NOT saying you’re going to always make money with a data-driven approach.

What I’m saying is that you get a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t over time which gives you a clearer picture of what is actually working and what isn’t.

Imagine it this way.

You’re an archaeologist slowly unearthing the hidden secrets to what makes your customers buy more frequently, spend more money, and do it more often.

It takes time and patience.

Without understanding data and how your prospects really turn into customers, you cannot optimize.

When in reality you should have a data-driven process.

By understanding your prospective customers psychology and their journey to your store, only then can you truly understand what they want, what they respond to, and how to make a powerful offer that works for them.

Without having a deep-rooted understanding of sales and buyer psychology, you’re playing a guessing game.

The east way to do this is having space for failure.

Which sounds very counter-intuitive but the reality is that when you make space for failure in your process, you’re able to quickly identify what isn’t working and also give your team the space they need to create effectively.

Creativity can not be effective under stress or pressure to “Always Get It Right”.

It’s also one of the biggest differentiators our agency has to our competitors…

We actually test everything in house on our own companies first before presenting those ideas to our clients.

This means you’re getting what actually works and not what we think works.

It also allows you to have a consistent ROAS/MER as you’re able to know what to test, how long for, and see what’s working.

We've been working with the biggest & fastest growing DTC Brands.

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The Oodie - Davie Fogarty

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Vessi - Andy, Mikaella & Tony 

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KinoBody - Greg O'Gallagher

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SassyClassy - Denys Lichtenstein

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Buttercloth - Danh Tran & Robert Herjavec

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Oliver Cabell - Scott Gabrielson

Why Listen To Us?

As business owner - I was always looking to get that edge.

Before specializing in consumer psychology and boosting conversions, my co-founder and I both ran our own brands.

So we’ve had our own experiences with agencies, freelancers and consultants.

And what I can say is the vast majority of all agencies, consultants & coaching services are terrible.

After being in the shoes of a brand owner, I know exactly how you feel and I know what to focus on.

At the end of the day all it comes down to is 2 things:

1. Making Profit 

2. Fulfilling your Vision

And the agency is there to serve you in helping you reach both, and reach them quicker. 

To achieve this we invested over $350.000 into educating ourselves on the art of direct response & consumer psychology with masterminds, consultations, seminars, you name it, we've done it.

And we keep pushing to be great as we are students of the game of business.

Every single year we invest an average of $250.000 into our own learning and education.

This is outside of the yearly spend we have for our own brands that allow us to have an insight on what’s actually working.

Our ultimate goal in mind is to have our agency and culture stand out from the rest.

We want to become the #1 Strategic Partner for D2C-Brands and be absolute best at the service we provide.

We are constantly working towards being SO AMAZING, that no partner would ever leave.

Thankfully this is proving to be true as many of our clients have stayed with us for years.

What we’ve done is create a done-for-you solution for our partners, with an in-house team of over 33+ specialists to run every process and manage every part of your funnel.

After spending over 2 years building this infrastructure and framework, we have produced over 146 satisfied customers.

This includes numerous top dogs in their respective niches (as many of the testimonials below show) and also damn smart former competitors and rivals.

And just so you know we are the Real Deal…

Look at the testimonials that you can find on this site.

Check out more client testimonials


Matthew Habib, 8-figure Brand Owner

"Undoubtedly the best agency for CRO.
No words to summarize the excellence of this team."

Henry Kohl, 8-figure Brand Owner

"The Quality and thought you put into understanding our customer avatar and then being able to develop ideas to optimizing conversion rate is amazing.

I've never seen that with any other agency."

Tung Do, 8-figure Brand Owner

"High Return on Spend! Working since over a year with Accelerated.

Almost 40 Tests running with an high success rate. The Workflow and Level of Efficiency is amazing."

Manny Godson, 8-figure Brand Owner

"Increased Revenue On Multiple Stores By 50%. Amazing team. Amazing results.

These guys know their stuff, and are always going above and beyond for their clients."

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My Background:

  • ​Bachelor Degree in BA & eCom
  • ​KeyNote speaker at leading marketing events: GeekOut, ESS, VidTao, Kinza360, AdWorld 2023
  • NLP + Sales Psychology certified practitioner

Along with my business partner, we’ve got an obsession when it comes to understanding the psychology of buyers and why things work the way they do.

Everything we do is based on the Pioneers of Psychology, Direct Response and Entrepreneurship.

We have a background in Psychology before we started applying it to eCommerce - which has allowed us to have an edge over our competition.

Not only that.

We’re German.

Which means we make sure everything is systematized and optimized in an efficient manner.

By understanding the logical and emotional reasons behind what works, we’re able to engineer our funnels in such a way that allows our customers and clients to reap the benefits for the way we work.

Not only that, we have an active interest in the way people think, which is why we invest over $250,000 a year in our own education while also testing everything to our own offers.

This means our customers aren’t the guinea pigs to our thoughts about selling, rather they are the beneficiaries of our data-backed process.

But don’t let that make you think we only follow the data.

As a creative agency, we take what we think works and put it to the test. So we’re not just speaking from fantasy or ideas, but rather proving our hypothesis on what works.

Here's What Our Clients Get:

  • ​Growth Strategy and the ACCELERATED Conversion System

Within the first 48 hours of being a customer, you talk 1-1 with your designated key account manager (all veterans in their own DTC projects) and identify the most acute bottlenecks and low hanging fruits.

We will lay down the strategy for the next quarter and establish our growth framework.

  • ​24 hours, 5 days a week Slack Support

You will immediately be invited to a private Slack channel with me & 6 respective specialists for your unique case, including all your employees.

You’ll be welcomed directly by us with all the necessary content that we have prepared for you based on your onboarding.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in group topics with other DTC Founders at the same or distant altitudes.

  • ​In-Person Masterminds with other 8- and 9-Figure Brands

Your Network is your Net Worth.

There are people who are on the same level as you or more experienced. Everybody has their own struggles and is on their own journey.

It's why every couple of months we have in-person masterminds where we bring together the smartest minds of the D2C-Space with experts we know that can help.

You’re only invited to these by being our client.

  • ​Framework for Data Clarity and Data-Based Decision Making

Dozens of tracking tools suggest to be in control. The truth is, data is not a "one fits all" solution.

That's why we build dashboards for your specific case.

The result is nothing less than true transparency of your numbers, giving you complete clarity on what’s working and what’s not.

  • Access to our network of 8- and 9-Figure Brand Owners, Top Notch Agencies, VC's and more

Over the past 3 years we have established a high-level network from D2C-Brands, Agencies, Hedge-Funds and more.

You will instantly get access to this network.

If there’s a problem you’re facing, there’s a solution for everything in our network.

Why Us?

We don't see ourselves as a CRO Agency that only focuses on improving your website performance.

We are a boutique Agency behind the fastest-growing D2C-Brands and I come in as a strategic partner to fuel your growth.

We are not trying to scale this to hundreds of clients.

We want to keep this boutique.

We have a cap of only 30 clients, and right now we have 27 clients on the books.

Our goal is to help every single one of our clients get a strategic partner that helps them boost their conversion rate across all funnels.

On top of that, we have a solution for every problem you can think of in our network.

We’re boutique for a reason.

If we go beyond 30, we may lose our quality.

So if this sounds like the right place for you, if you want someone to be there for you until the end of your CRO journey, and want strategies that are data-driven, tested, and backed up.

Then we’re waiting for you.

Schedule a call with me and let’s see if we can work together.

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Book a Call for an individual ACCELERATED Conversion System™ Demo now:

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